A quick workout designed for long-term success

You can shadowbox against anyone for two minutes, even The Brown Bomber

You spent months working on your body so you could show it off during the summer months on the Riverfront or at Forest Park. But now that the weather is changing doesn’t mean you have to.

If you’re ready to gear back a bit, here’s a workout that can burn up to 150 calories that you can perform at home in just 10 minutes.

  • Minutes 1-2: Start with some high-intensity cardio. Shadowboxing and jumping rope can work, but it could be as simple as jumping jacks.
  • Minutes 5-6: Back to the cardio. Switch it up for some variety, like running in place.
  • Minutes 7-8: With your back against a wall, do squats getting as low as you can. The focus is on proper form, meaning keeping a straight back.
  • Minutes 9-10: Put everything you can into this final cardio workout. Work on your punch combinations or move the rope that much faster.

If you take the time to stay in shape now, you won’t have to starve yourself in the future. Just another set of helpful tips from your friends at Caroline Place.

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